Top 5 News: Twitter

Top 5 News: Twitter

Alexia Najman

A little birdie told me some news. Here’s what all the peeps are talking about on Twitter.

  1. University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe Announces Resignation

Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin, as well as President Tim Wolfe, have both stepped down from their positions at the University of Missouri. They did so due to a rising controversy that the authorities on campus were doing nothing to prevent racism, which was causing protests. One protester in particular, Jonathan Butler, went on a hunger strike, demanding the removal of President Wolfe. Upon his resignation, Tim Wolfe says that he accepts full responsibility for the inaction, and he hopes his removal will benefit the campus.

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Tim Wolfe’s Resignation Speech

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  1. Flights From Sharm el-Sheikh to UK Delayed Due to Concerns That Russian Jet was Brought Down by Bomb

After the Russian Airbus 321 plane crashed on Saturday, killing 224 people, UK officials cancel all flights to and from Sharm el-Sheikh. They claim that there is a significant chance that the crash was caused by a bomb of some sort. The foreign minister of Egypt, Sameh Shoukry, makes his opinion on the matter obvious, stating that the UK government was making a “premature and unwarranted statement about the crash.

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A later tweet says…

Technical Fault Ruled out as Cause of Russia Plane Crash, French Aviation Officials Tell BBC

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  1. U.S. Economy Adds 271,000 Jobs in October, Drives Unemployment Down to 5%

According to CNN, job hirings in October have caused unemployment in the US down to 5%, the lowest it’s been since 2008. This news is quite relieving, as there had been worries that the economic slowdown was beginning to affect hiring in the US. There is also evidence that more people are able to take full-time jobs, due to a decline in part-time workers wanting to work full-time.

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  1. Guinness is Going Vegan, Pledging to Remove Trace Amounts of Fish Bladder From its Beer

After 256 years, Guinness has decided to replace their usual filtration process with something a little more vegan-friendly. The brewing company’s filtration has always been done through isinglass, a gelatin-like substance derived from fish bladders. Due to this means of filtration, many vegans across Ireland have written Guinness about making a vegan-friendly product. Many are ecstatic to hear about this new brew, which will be put in place by the end of 2016.

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  1. Vladimir Putin Ally Found Dead in Washington Hotel

Mikhail Lesin, former Prime Minister of Russia, media advisor, and senior executive at Gazprom-Media, was found dead in his hotel room last Thursday. Police investigation concluded that his death was caused by a heart attack, though they had suspected foul play. Lesin had been suspected of money laundering and corruption, so there may or may not be an investigation going on regarding his assets. Lesin is survived by his wife and two children.

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