Top 5 News: Facebook

Top 5 News: Facebook

Alexia Najman

Facebook: the best way to stalk your crush; a great way to read some news.

  • Tiny Island Nation’s Massive New Ocean Reserve is Official


Palau, an island in the Pacific Ocean smaller than New York City, has created an ocean reserve bigger than California– it’s nearly 193,000 square miles. This makes the reserve one of the five largest  protected marine areas in the world. Palau has been working on protecting their waters for a while now. The island’s Congress recently signed legislation that bans 80 percent of the water from any “extractive activities,” leaving the remaining 20 percent open to local fishers and some small commercial operations.

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  • Farmers’ and Landowners’ Views Sought on Return of Lynx


After 1,300 years of extinction, there has been recent talk about bringing the Lynx back to the UK. The Lynx UK Trust said the plan to bring the cat back is backed by a ton of public support, and they hope to introduce the cat to areas such as Northumberland, Argyll, and Norfolk. They hope to use the lynx as a means of controlling deer numbers, which would prevent the deer from damaging crops.

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  • Briton Karl Andree ‘to be Released From Saudi Prison’


Karl Andree, 74, who was imprisoned by Saudi religious police after being found with homemade wine, will be released within a week, says Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond. Andree has been in prison for more than a year, and had lived in Saudi Arabia for several years before his arrest. Andree’s family feared for his safety as he’d been sentenced to 360 lashes, but are  relieved upon the news of his release.

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  • US Police Officer Fired for Student Assault in South Carolina


A student at Spring Valley High School refused to put her cell phone away during class. Her teacher requested her to leave, but she also wouldn’t do that. Then her teacher called for a police escort by a school resource officer; Senior Deputy Ben Fields. When she refused to leave upon Officer Fields’ request, he didn’t place her under arrest. A video taken by the girl’s classmate shows the officer violently knocking the student down and pulling her across the floor. This event has led to Officer Fields’ firing.

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  • Frozen Cave Lion Cubs From Iceage Found in Siberia


    Russian researchers announced their discovery of Frozen cave lion cubs, preserved by the Ice Age permafrost of Yakutia, Siberia. The frozen kittens are the first of their kind ever found in such a well-preserved state– at least one of the cats still has its fur attached. The cubs have been frozen for at least 10,000 years, say reports, though the initial report indicates they could be even older. First discovered in 1810, cave lion remains have been found from Eurasia to North America. Until  this discovery, however, the fossil record of this big cat was limited to bones and tracks.

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