Top 5 News: Russia

Top 5 News: Russia

Alexia Najman

Want to become more worldly? Here’s some information on Russia to get you started.

1. Vladimir Putin Can Now Eat a Life-Sized Chocolate Version of Himself


Every year, the largest city in Russia, Saint Petersburg, holds a chocolate festival. Last year, a life-like sculpture of Pope Francis was constructed. This year, an artist named Nikita Gusev has decided to create a chocolate sculpture of Putin. The chocolate clone weighs a whooping 154 pounds. Nobody at the festival will be able to touch– or lick– the sculpture, except for the man himself. At the end of the festival, the plan is to give the chocolate man to Putin, and if he doesn’t accept, to put it back in the warehouse where it was created.

2. ‘Russian’ Spy Beheaded by ISIS in New Video


A recent video released by ISIS shows Magomed Khasiev, 23, an alleged Russian spy, confessing that he had joined ISIS for the purpose of spying for Russia. The video also states that ISIS is pretty upset at Russia for being involved in the Syrian war, and that Russia was gonna pay for that. Russian security forces don’t think that Khasiev was a Russian spy, however, because of details found by Russian media of this man’s life, as well as the fact that he was not used as a means of negotiation.

3. Russian Army Deserter Found Living in Forest for 11 Years


A 30-year-old man was found living in a wooden shack on the far end of the Russian city  Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The deserter, whose name has not been released, was able to survive by picking up small jobs, working on a pig farm, fishing, and collecting scraps such as berries and pieces of metal. It is unlikely that he will get into trouble for his desertion, as it was common to do so back then.

4. Russia Sends its Best Tanks to Syria Frontline


Russia is now sending T-90 tanks to Syria, changing the Russian intervention from an air war to a ground war, as they had previously limited their attacks to the sky. These advanced tanks have explosive armor, which makes any bullet that hits the vehicle explode upon impact. The intent of the T-90s is to combat the anti-tank missiles that have been used by rebel forces. This may lead to Russia getting into a really cost-worthy and long fight.

5. Russia Passed a Law to Override the European Human Rights Court


    A new law has been passed allowing Russia’s constitution to take precedence over the European Human Rights Court. This decision will enable Russia to essentially brush off any laws passed by the Court that directly conflicts with the Russian constitution. The reason for this law is apparently to “protect the interests of Russia.