Of This Earth


About the Artist:

Travis Hagedorn’s (Economics & Arts, Class of 2018) passion for making music with synthesizer keyboards and other electronic instruments began when he was a teenager, when he developed a fascination for sound design and synth technology from the 70s and 80s — it is from electronic and classic rock music of these time periods that Hagedorn draws inspiration for his own compositions.  What began as a “toy-like” $80 Casio beginners keyboard in 2009 with basic piano, organ, string, and synth sounds has evolved to a collection of four synthesizers, two drum machines, and a sequencer, connected through a software called Acid pro 7 with MIDI, in which Hagedorn works to create compositions from a wide range of electronic genres.  “Music is my art, and I love what I do,” says Hagedorn, and he means it, as he works almost every day in his studio with new ideas.  His approach to life and music is “open minded” and “outside of the box.”  Hagedorn’s goes by the name Travidium Project on SoundCloud, where he currently publishes his music.

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