THE DD: Drop of a Dyme


About the Artist:

Ervin Cook (Psychology, Class of 2017), aka Paradyme, found music as an outlet for his thoughts and emotions, which he had struggled to express growing up: “All of my pain and joy and personal stories come through music. All of the good and bad and my creativity are expressed through what I write. If it’s not real it’s not me.”  As the quiet one of twins, he was reluctant to rap in front of people until his brother forced him in front of his high school to perform, and he was extremely well received.  Aside from his twin brother, Cook’s biggest inspirations are his uncle and mother, who encouraged him to sing and listen closely to lyrics, which they felt are “a big key to making good music,” as well as musical artists Biggie, Big L., Big Sean, and J. Cole.  In the future, his dream is to “live a successful life,” growing not only musically, but in the other pursuits he enjoys.  In the meantime he’s happy to know people like what he writes and the “punchlines” he’s known for.  Cook’s station is PlanetParadyme on SoundCloud, where he currently publishes his music.

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