Ben Wurmfeld Showcase

Series Two

About the Artist: Benyamin Wurmfeld (Psychology & Creative Writing, Class of 2018) is a photographer and graphic artist from Boston, MA, whose connection to a visuality is vital to his life.  Photography is his “haven” — with his camera he transforms into a unique version of himself, able to see striking images through a lens that both removes and includes him in the world: “Photography creates an objectivity in me, but it also opens my eyes to beauty I might not have otherwise noticed. Especially in nature photography, there’s this immersive observation going on.  The squirrel or robin or duck goes about its business normally after a while, and it’s like you’re not even there.”  He enjoys nature photography in particular, especially of sparrows and ducks, but also cityscapes and moving light.  Of his graphic art, he calls it “a game of mix and match,” of piecing together patterns, photographs and sometimes watercolor paintings in a kind of dialogue with the work until “it ‘feels’ done.”  In some cases his graphic art carries an activist statement.  Benyamin’s work has been shown in galleries in Watertown and Lee, MA.




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