Shea’s Health Corner: Stay healthy this Fall with these tips!


Are you already feeling crappy this early in Fall?

When the seasons change, it is hard not to get sick when one day the weather is like summer and the next is like a crisp fall day. Getting sick when the weather is unpredictable is nothing anyone is prepared for and runs people down. These simple remedies can help prevent you from getting sick or if you are sick, can help give your cold/flu symptoms some relief!                                

To prevent getting sick:

  1. Wash your hands often with hot water and soap: by singing the “Happy Birthday” song, it will allow for hands to be fully washed and germs to be gone.
  2. Use alcohol-based hand sanitizes: when you are near someone who is sick, use hand sanitizer to help prevent infectious germs from getting you sick.
  3. Drink Orange Juice: OJ has a lot of antioxidants and Vitamin C to help the immune system be at its healthiest and strongest to prevent or fight cold/flu symptoms.
  4. Clean all surfaces several times a week: in order to prevent germs from entering your home. This can be done by simply using clorox or any cleaning detergent to clean  door knobs, tables, and bedding.
  5. Sleep: by getting anywhere from 7-9 hours of sleep every night, it will help your body be more well rested and helps increase immune function.

Relief for cold/flu symptoms:

  1. Warm salt water nasal lavage: Mix ¼ tsp of salt and ¼ tsp baking soda with 8 ounces of water. Using a bulb syringe (can be bought at most drug stores) or nasal irrigation kit, tilt head over sink and squirt water into nose, hold one nostril closed by applying light finger pressure while squirting water into the other nostril, let drain, and repeat 2-3 more times in the other nostril.
  2. Garlic and Honey: chop up fresh garlic and mix with local fresh honey to help suppress coughs and boost the immune system. If you don’t like honey, try it with coconut nectar and take ¼ tsp 3-4 times a day by putting it on a spoon and wiping it on the back of your tongue and chasing it with a beverage of your choice.
  3. Tea with Honey: Using a tea of your choice and adding local honey to it,  can help suppress coughing symptoms and allows for chest congestion to be suppressed as well.
  4. Ginger Root Water: Cut up slices of raw ginger root, add to water, and boil. This can also be substituted for ginger and lemon juice to provide cold/flu symptom relief.  This helps with nausea, cough, and sore throat.
  5. Salt Water Gargle: Use ¼-½ tsp of salt to 8 ounces of warm water, mix, and gargle for 1 minute. This remedy allows for relief of sore or scratchy throats.