Did you miss the Graduate School Fair?

On this past Wednesday, September 19, 2018, SVC hosted its annual Graduate School Fair in the Burgdorff Gallery. Having a wide selection of Graduate Schools from Roger Williams University to

 the University of Maine, each school had something to offer everyone! Having over 15 graduate schools to choose from, SVC’s Graduate School Fair had a school for everyone from nursing, criminal justice, law school, literacy, business and psychology. If you missed out on this awesome event, included below 

are the schools that attended the fair!


SVC’s Graduate School Fair is thrown every year by SVC’s head of Career Development and Internship, Betsy Dunham.  When asked “Why do you run this event every year?” Betsy explained that “There are so many students, four year and two year students and every year they come up with new questions that they wanna ask about, what classes they need to take to get into these graduate schools etc. So this gives everyone an opportunity to explore their options and ask their questions”.

If you have any questions about the graduate school fair please contact Betsy at 

[email protected] or at 802-447-4631.


  1. Sacred Heart University
  2. Sage Graduate School
  3. New England Law School Boston
  4. American International College
  5. Clarkson University
  6. New England College
  7. Suffolk University Boston
  8. Roger Williams University
  9. SUNY Potsdam
  10. University of New Haven
  11. Green Mountain College
  12. Western New England University School of Law
  13. University of Maine
  14. Vermont Law School
  15. Office of Graduate Education
  16.  The Esteves School of Education
  17. The School of Health Sciences
  18. The School of Management
  19. Sage Professional and Continuing Education