Local Artist Spotlight: Kayla Degnan

 Flowers, and Salves, and Soaps! Oh My!

Local Artist Spotlight: Kayla Degnan

Kayla Degnan is an artist specializing in the creation of nature-based homemade goods from the close-by area of North Adams, Massachusetts. Kayla originated from a small Massachusetts town, and chose to adventure out this way for college, studying photojournalism at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. Here, she first delved into the world of art as she started her craft experimenting with photography and painting. After living in North Adams, Kayla began exploring and adapting her lifestyle to minimalism and zero waste. This inspired her to begin making practical items of her own, such as soaps and salves.

Kayla’s work was also inspired by her love of flowers and plants, expanding and applying her knowledge of their medicinal uses. Her fascination with flowers led to her creation of pressed flower art (which she still custom makes usually upon request, working with style suggestions from her buyer as she custom creates the piece).

Kayla began selling her homemade items about three months ago. Captivated by the beginning of spring when the dandelions began to bloom, she decided to make dandelion salves, as these flowers are traditionally beneficial for curing muscle aches.

As an artist of many different nature-based products, Kayla explains that she enjoys each separate project differently,“salves are fun, because the infused dandelion oil is the main base, and then I get to add essential oils for different healing benefits. Soaps allow me to get more creative with appearance and color.” Kayla also aims to provide people with a sustainable product by packaging it in burnable wrappings, staying true to her commitment to live waste free.

Check out Kayla’s beautiful (and reasonably priced) soaps, salves and other nature based products on www.etsy.com/shop/silverowldesign ; give her a follow on Instagram: @silver0wl to see her latest work or shoot her a message (she’s super friendly).