NFL Week: Halfway there!


As we approach the halfway point of this NFL season, there are a lot of uncertainties  and more questions being asked than answers being given. I know one thing we can all be certain of: the New York Giants are a horrible football team and won’t get anywhere near the playoffs this season. With that being said, I’d like to discuss some hot topics that came up these past couple of weeks.


Hue Jackson v The Browns

I found it very odd that the Browns have chosen to fire Hue Jackson after their 33-18 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Yes, the Browns have been the butt of every NFL joke for several seasons prior to this one. Yes, Hue Jackson has only mustered four wins out of the ball club in his two and a half seasons as the head coach. Firing him at the midway point seems like a scapegoat. The Browns have drafted, signed and produced the LEAST amount of talent in years prior to this one, but this season they’ve doubled their win totals in comparison to the last two seasons combined. They finally drafted a franchise quarterback (and paired him with  a talented receiver) and they added key players to the defensive side of the ball. Nonetheless, no one expected them to make a Super Bowl run this year, so firing a head coach halfway through a season in which you finally gave him some talent to work with seems unfair and honestly, stupid.


Jameis Winston or Ryan FitzMAGIC

The season started with the Buccaneers giving the QB1 role to Ryan Fitzpatrick (dubbed the nickname FitzMAGIC) because of Jameis Winston’s three game suspension. To everyone’s surprise, Fitz played the first three weeks like an MVP, completing 72% of his passes and throwing for 11 touchdowns. He started the fourth game, even when Jameis was eligible to play, but didn’t perform well so Jameis was subbed in. Jameis, being the number one pick in the draft a few years ago, gets a longer leash but he performed so poorly in each of his three starts, that the Buccaneers went back to Fitz in their previous loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. It seems to me the Buccaneers just want to ride the hot hand, but that’s not how you establish confidence in a player ESPECIALLY at the quarterback position. A QB has to know that the franchise he’s playing for has confidence in him. It’s hard to compete thinking that a single mistake could cost you your job.


Trades that absolutely should happen

There’s no reason Lesean McCoy should still play for the Buffalo Bills. He’s an All-Pro caliber player and the Bills are a horrible team not going anywhere this year (or next year for that matter). They should trade him to the Packers or the Eagles, two teams in desperate need of a running back, and be compensated in return with draft picks.

Tyrod Taylor is a starting quarterback that rides the bench. The Browns should trade him to the Jacksonville Jaguars and receive a compensatory draft pick or two. Baker Mayfield is clearly the franchise QB in Cleveland, as he should be, so there’s no need for him to be held hostage in that awful excuse of an organization.

Le’veon Bell: I don’t care who, where or how. Just get him out of Pittsburgh by any means. His holdout is nothing but an annoyance and a distraction. That is all.