NBA vs. NFL – Hot Topics

NBA vs. NFL - Hot Topics

So this week is more of a mixed review of both the NFL and the NBA, as there are a few hot topics from both leagues.


Jimmy Butler and the Timberwolves

The hostage situation is finally over! As most of you may know, Jimmy Butler requested a trade during the off season, his reason being that he didn’t like the work ethic of the two young superstars Andrew Wiggins and Karl Anthony-Towns. He also cited that he felt as though his talents weren’t being appreciated in Minnesota because he wasn’t offered the max contract, as he should have been. After asking to be traded, the general manager and head coach (in which both titles are held by the same person for some odd reason) said he was NOT looking to trade Jimmy, which became a drama in itself. Then there was the awkward moment when Jimmy had to come to practice and play with the guys he was just saying he didn’t want to play with anymore. I can’t imagine how heavy the tension in that locker room must’ve been. So, weeks of the regular season went by and Jimmy decided when he would and wouldn’t play and after all of the shenanigans, the T-Wolves finally traded him to the 76ers for a lot less than what he’s worth. The trade did however, put Jimmy on a team that has potential to make a run at the Eastern Conference Finals and reach the NBA Finals this season.


Trouble in the Golden State (Oakland)

Finally someone else other than me got tired of Draymond Green’s constant bickering and complaining. He’s easily the most loud-mouthed and obnoxious characters in professional sports. On Monday, the Golden State Warriors played the Los Angeles Clippers in a game that went into overtime. However, at the end of regulation with both teams tied, the Warriors had a chance to win the game. Lou Williams of the Clippers missed a jump shot and Draymond Green grabbed the rebound and instead of passing it to the most prolific scorer the NBA has seen in decades (if not ever), he decided to push the ball up the court himself which resulted in a turnover and the Warriors not even getting a shot off for a chance to win the game. The Warriors would go on to lose the game but what’s more interesting (and important), is the argument that ensued on the bench at the end of regulation, and carried over into the locker room after the game. Whatever happened there after the game, resulted in the Warriors suspending Draymond Green without pay for their next game, with the owner citing that he was suspended for “conduct detrimental to the team”. Normally, people say “oh it happens, it’s basketball and brothers fight sometimes,” blah blah. This is different. Days after and the two still haven’t spoken. And what’s noteworthy is that Kevin Durant is hitting the free agency after this season, meaning he can opt to leave the Warriors if he’d like. Or maybe make the Warriors choose between him and Draymond? Either way, I’m glad someone finally got fed up with his nonsense and did something about that brat.


Le’veon Bell

We can finally put a rest to all the Le’veon Bell and the Steelers talk, kind of. He failed to sign his franchise tender before the deadline so he’s ineligible to play for the remainder of this season. He’ll be a free agent once this season is over, and it’s obvious he won’t resign with the Steelers even if they were to offer him a max contract (which is the reason he sat out in the first place). Now the narrative has switched to WHO he’ll sign with once this season is over. A lot of teams are being floated as possible prospects for where the running back could sign: Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles, Oakland Raiders, and Denver Broncos all come up as viable options. In my opinion, the place that would make the most sense for him to sign would be the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens have a top 5 defense and are going through a rebuild on offense, with Joe Flacco (QB) on his way out the door and Lamar Jackson up next to carry those reigns. Pairing an athletic duo of Lamar Jackson and Le’veon Bell could produce one of the most lethal RPOs (run-pass options) the league has ever seen. I can’t be the only one hoping to see something like this happen. Seeing as how the Ravens and Steelers are divisional rivals and play each other multiple times a year, this just seems like a win-win situation for the running back.



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