New Year, New CTL


New school year, new changes happening within the Center for Teaching and Learning at Southern Vermont College. The Center for Teaching and Learning is funded by a government grant that enables students to have free access to tutors, career services, academic counseling, and financial literacy. The CTL provides accommodations for students with disabilities, as well as helping first generation college students adjust to college.

Since the new school year has started, the CTL has grown and added new positions with new faculty members to improve the program at SVC. David Lindenberg, who used to tutor in subjects such as chemistry and college algebra has taken on a new role as the head of the CTL program. In this position he helps guide his amazing CTL team to success. David makes sure the program runs as smoothly as possible and to promote success among students. When asked why he works within the CTL program at SVC, David said that “SVC is awesome and we believe in the potential of all students and that is what CTL is all about”.

Another incredible staff member added to the CTL family this school year is Darcy Oakes, who has since taken over David’s job as tutor and LDSP coordinator. Darcy, who previously had another role at SVC as the coordinator for College Steps, has excelled in her new position with CTL. She offers services for all students such as tutoring, a quiet place to get work done or take exams. With her new role, she also helps ensure that students with learning disabilities get the accommodations they need in order to succeed here at SVC. When asked how she likes her new role with CTL, Darcy stated that “ I have the best coworkers and this is the best job by far that I have ever had the pleasure of working at. This program is student centered and my coworkers really are amazing people who want the best for the students and to watch them grow and succeed.”

As the new school year has come full swing, the CTL program has thrived to levels SVC has never experienced before. With having 350 students enrolled at SVC, 233 individual students have been engaged with CTL and the services they offer. They have also expanded on cultural opportunities for students by offering events such as going to the symphony, parties about how to save money and dressing for success out in the work world. They offer spaces for students to study, get work done, or just hangout either in the CTL lab or in the administrative office, where the lovely Tiffany Zwinge will welcome you with a warm smile and candy.

Each staff member of the CTL program are special in their own way as they offer so much to the SVC students and want to ensure success for each student. They put their all into shaping well-rounded students who will be ready to fully take on the working world. Listed below are each member of CTL and the services they offer along with their email. CTL is offered to every SVC student whether you’re a commuter or live on campus, CTL wants to help you achieve in the best ways possible!


CTL Members:


David Lindenberg: Director; [email protected]


Darcy Oakes: Learning Differences Coordinator, Tutor; [email protected] (offers services for students with learning disabilities and tutors in science, math, business and psychology)


Nancy Faxon: Academic Advisor; [email protected] (offers services such as helping students plan out their academic success)


Betsy Dunham: Director of Career Development and Internships; [email protected] (offers services such as resume help, setting up internships and prep for entering grad school or the workforce)


Stefano Donati: Learning Differences Assistant; [email protected] (offers services such as tutoring in psychology and writing)


Tiffany Zwinge: Administrative Assistant; [email protected] (helps with directing students to whom they should see within CTL and helping organize the CTL program)


Catherine Burns: Learning specialist, Tutor Coordinator; [email protected] (offers services such as help with writing and grad school prep)

Dr. Jennifer Nelson: Tutor; [email protected] (offers tutoring in both math and science)