5 Easy DIY’s


5 Easy DIY art projects that’ll make you look like a professional (and make great gifts, just in time for the holidays!)


Paint and sip (at home): Grab a canvas and some acrylic paint! You can search through YouTube and find many different paintings and step by step tutorials that are very easy to follow. It’s like having a paint and sip instructor, but in the comfort of your own home!


Watercolor/watercolor resist abstract paintings: Watercolor paint is one of my favorite mediums to work with because it is so versatile and fun. You can splash water and the paints in different directions and continue to add more water or paint to make different designs. You can even draw on your canvas in glue or white wax crayons to make watercolor resistant designs. Either way, this is a totally easy way to create some cool abstract art.


Masking tape art: All you need for this is a canvas, masking tape, and whatever kind of paint you’d like. Section off your canvas by placing the tape in different directions and ways across the canvas. Then paint each of the sections different colors (or paint all the sections the same color). Remove the tape and look at the abstract art you’ve made! Then you have a choice whether you want to paint in the lines where the tape was or leave them white.


Crayon Drip Art: All you need for this one is crayons, glue,and a blowdryer. If you want to make this project more complex (which you easily can) you can add tape and markers- and sky’s the limit. Just tape or glue your crayons (tape if you want to remove them after) anywhere on your canvas and use the blow dryer to melt the crayons in whichever direction you’d like.


Make Your Own Ceramics: All you need for this project is any ceramics of your choice and sharpies! I particularly like doing mugs. Design and color your mug any way you like. Stick your mug in the oven and set the heat to 375 degrees (no need to wait for it to preheat) Leave it in there for about an hour, and then turn your oven off. Make sure to wait for the oven to cool with the mug inside before removing it!