MAUHS puts on Les Miserables


Local Artist Spotlight: MAUHS production of Les Miserables


The Mount Anthony Union High School’s drama club put on a production of the famous play, “Les Miserables” from November 8th through the 10th.


Les Miserables is a musical based off the 1862 Novel by Victor Hugo. Taking place in 19th century France, it follows french peasant, Jean ValJean, in his struggle for redemption and hope after wrongfully serving nineteen years imprisoned. He then decides to break his parole and flee, and is endlessly pursued by a police member. Throughout this, Valjean encounters many characters in the midst of the French Revolution.


I was surprised that a high school would choose to put on this particular production due to its risque nature and the controversial topics it addresses. However, the production they put on was a more condensed version, advertised as a “school version”, which left out some of the less tame details of the story.


Due to the numerous productions throughout the weekend, the Mount Anthony Drama Club decided to do two different casts for the play. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the MAUHS adaptations of this musical, though I felt myself a little lost in some parts, as I was not familiar with the story. So naturally, I went home and watched the most recent film adaption of the story (which was FANTASTIC). I was amazed by the singing of some of the cast; they blew me away, and the chemistry some of the group had on stage was wonderful. However, I felt in certain roles that the acting was stronger than their singing. The sets and costumes the drama club created were awesome, and helped establish the setting.


Overall, this production left the entire auditorium full and cheering in the end.  I would recommend seeing a MAUHS drama club production; they usually have multiple productions throughout the year, usually a fall musical, a winter drama and a spring comedy or improv. Keep an eye out for their next upcoming production.