DIY Peppermint Candy Cane Wreath


Items Needed:

3 boxes of candy canes (any color but should be average size candy canes)

Hot Glue Gun

Metal wire

Starlight Peppermints

Flat Snowflakes ( one big and lots of small ones as seen in the photo. Walmart and the Dollar Tree have them!)



When I did this craft myself, it was truly very easy. I first began by setting up the hot glue gun and removing the candy canes from the box. LEAVE THE WRAPPERS ON!!!!! Next, I glued the tips of two candy canes together so that they are laying flat.Then glue the bottoms together so that the candy canes make a heart shape. After making ten of these, I then glued all of the candy cane parts together by putting glue alongside the stick portion and sticking them together, making sure they are all flat. This will give you the wreath feel. When it comes to decorations, I used red and silver snowflakes but any color can be used! I then took the large snowflake and glued it to the center of the wreath, covering the connection points at the end of the candy canes. Once that is dry, take your small snowflakes and glue them to each of the sets of candy canes that are glued together, interchanging the colors or however you please! For the final step, I then took a starlight mint and glued it to the middle of the large snowflake and my wreath was complete! With the metal wire, I wrapped it underneath two candy canes and tied it on the top where it hung. This adorable wreath is an awesome decoration for your home for the holiday season or as a gift for someone special!