Di’s Review: Sick Note


This Netflix tv series is about a guy named Daniel Glass who is misdiagnosed with esophagus cancer. After telling his job, his girlfriend, and his best friend his life suddenly starts to change for the better. He finds out that he doesn’t really have cancer the same week that he is misdiagnosed. Daniel works at a health insurance company that gives him free health insurance and now that they believe he has cancer, they guarantee his job is safe at WE COVER. His girlfriend was about to leave him and was having an affair, but ends up staying with Daniel and letting him continue to live with her. Daniel basically blackmails the doctor that misdiagnosed him and refuses to sign any papers for the doctor to clear everything up. He plans to have cancer for about 6 months and then get cured.

Over time lies built into a snowball effect, people start actually dying and crimes are committed. Daniel and the doctor try to cover up a lot of their criminal involvement and every episode gets worse, and as the time goes by the lies get deeper. There’s a police officer that’s on their trail the whole time and he suspects that there are connections between the crimes and Daniel, but everything the police officer does he ends up looking crazy to his family and his coworkers. I give this tv show a 10/10 rating! It’s exciting to watch and keeps you at the edge of your seat.