Got Plans for Galentine’s Day?


Find Valentine’s Day overrated? Single but don’t want to mingle? Rather spend your time with friends? Whether you’re in a relationship or not there’s a lesser known holiday everybody can get behind. This holiday is known as Galentine’s Day. Celebrated on February 13th, it was first mentioned by the television series Parks and Recreation back in 2010, and is all about celebrating and giving love to those who’ve got your back. You may think it’s about celebrating female friendships and the name clearly says GALentines, but it may include guys as long as they’re platonic friendships. The celebration doesn’t need to be extravagant and gifts aren’t even required; all you need to do is make plans with some friends and have a good time. So  grab some friends, some brunch, and have a good Galentine’s Day! Here are some things you can do together to celebrate


1. Spa Day

Go to a local spa and get pampered with your friends. Enjoy a massage and foot rub while you relax.

2. Brunch/Dinner

Find a new place or choose one of your favorites and go grab some food. You can also go to a bar and just have a fun night out!

3. Have Friends Over

Invite your friends over and have a home spa day, or play board games and have a movie night.

4. Slumber Party

Go out with a bang and have your friends stay over night as you just enjoy each other’s  company.

5. Video Chatting

If your friends live far away then you could always Skype or facetime them! It’s a great way to catch up face-to-face!

6. Go Shopping

Take a day to treat yourself and hit up the local mall. Buy yourself a new outfit or a piece of jewelry you’ve been dying to have. If you don’t have the funds there’s no shame in just browsing around.

7. Games/Arcade

Go to an arcade or play a game of laser tag together. Let yourself feel like a little kid again!

8. Casino

Feeling a little risky? Stop by a casino and play some slot machines or try your hand at some blackjack!

9. Hit the Town

Get dressed up in your best or just stay in your sweatpants and hit the town. Maybe you’ll run into your valentine in the meantime…



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