DIY St. Patrick’s Day Wreath


What you will need:


Foam Wreath (any size)


Assorted Ribbon ( colors of the rainbow)

Hot glue gun


Cardstock (black and white)

Plastic Gold Coins



When making this wreath, I began by cutting the foam wreath in half using a knife. Next, using a pen, I then drew out the color segments for the wreath and with marking these segments, this allows for you to know where to start and stop each color. Using the hot glue gun, I put a dot of glue on the wreath and then took the desired color ribbon, put the start of the reel of ribbon in the glue and wrap it around the wreath, overlapping itself and making it as tight as possible. Once you hit the segment marker, put a dot of glue, cut off remaining ribbon and attach it to the glue. Repeat this same process for your remaining colors till the wreath is completely covered in ribbon. After the entire wreath is completely covered in ribbon, take white cardstock and cut a cloud shape out of the paper and for the black, (I used my own representation of a pot of gold) cut out what you want to be your pot of gold. Before you glue the cloud and pot on, on the right side of the wreath, take your hot glue gun and put dots of glue and add gold coins onto the side, overlapping one another, but leave enough room at the bottom for your cut out pot. Once those are attached, attach your cloud and pot onto your wreath and there you have it, a rainbow wreath with a lucky pot of gold just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!


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