(S)taying (V)ery (C)alm


Here at SVC emotions are everywhere, midterms are coming, the school is closing, and your stressed the **** out! Going through the transfer process again or losing your job was not in your plan, I understand. I promise you, it will all be okay because everything happens for a reason! Learn to take it one day at a time and calm yourself down. Follow my de-stressing tips and master how to keep calm in a hopeless situation.


Organize & Map it Out

  • Organize your midterm schedules, that way you do not confuse your classes. Begin by planning how you will study for them, whether that entails rereading, flash cards, or making a chapter outline. Being prepared is key so make sure to study for each class at least an hour a day.
  • For students who are not graduating this Spring, begin to organize a list of schools to apply to within the next 8 weeks. I would list the schools by tuition, location, living expenses, majors, and athletics. For those of you who would like to continue playing sports, like me, include coaches’ emails, and make sure you have your release form on file.


Control of Your Mind

  • Here at SVC, Tom Redden offers meditation during the week on campus. Make sure to consistently check for any emails from him, as the time and day always change. Yoga is also offered to students from the Yoga Place off Main St. in Bennington. These are good ways to clear your mind and just relax. It allows you to control your emotions, calm down, and just focus on the movements of your body.
  • Practice some breathing exercises when you feel yourself getting anxious and tense. A breathing exercise I practice frequently is to take a deep breath in, hold it for 4 seconds, and release for 6 seconds. Do this 4 or 5 times, or as much as necessary to calm your nerves.
  • This week the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is having a pop-up event, inviting  students to make stress balls! Along with this the student government and MEB have put together several events throughout the week to help alleviate some stress. They’ve put flyers up all over campus in hopes of giving students a break from the books.


It is a stressful time here at SVC and everyone has to scramble to get back on track by the Fall. Everyone on campus is having to redirect their future plans and you can almost feel the anxiety in the air. Learning to relax and calm your mind is important in a desperate time like this. You’ll not only learn how to calm that anxious feeling, but may also find an inner power and strength. You may realize that you can overcome anything in the world, because you overcame this! In the end, it will have all worked out in your favor if you just stay positive, follow these tips, and stay at peace. Have a stress free midterm week and a great Spring Break!