Scream It Out!

On Monday, March 11th during the afternoon, Audrey Ames (Coordinator of Student Engagement) hosted a stress relief event outside of the dining hall for all SVC students. This particular event was much different compared to other events she plans, because it involved literal screaming into a megaphone. With all the events occuring at SVC during the past couple weeks, I believe this gathering was the most suiting to have at this time. Only a handful gathered around to join in, but those who were there took advantage of the opportunity to let out some screams to express their emotions in a loud, but positive way. 

At first, a few students seemed hesitant to let off some steam and go for a full-out scream. But, it wasn’t long before everyone was willing to yell without care in the world about how loud they were. During the event, they were asked by students from a window of one of the housing units to keep it down (jokingly), but you can imagine how loud they had to be for that to happen! Every single student had a big smile on their face by the end of the event, which is nice to see at a time where smiling is hard to come by due to midterms, and with the school shutting down at the end of the semester. This stress relief idea of screaming seemed to work and was a joy to watch others express themselves and use their voice literally. By the end of the event, I had joined in and let some of my emotions go while I was yelling out. During my time yelling out some steam, I went with a classic Chunk saying from the Goonies and screamed out “Hey you guys!!!”.