DIY Easter Yarn Eggs


Supplies Needed (makes 6 eggs):

  • Balloons
  • Yarn ( couple bunches of yarn as each egg takes 25-30 feet)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Newspaper
  • Bowl



To begin, I began by blowing up the balloons to the desired size of the Easter egg I wanted ( can be small or big; I did a mixture of both). Next, I cut pieces of yarn, 10 feet long in length and set them aside until they were needed. After, I used 4oz of glue (considered two parts glue) with one part water. Once this was completed, I then set down newspaper and began to dip a strand of yarn into the glue mixture. I found it best to put one piece in at a time, get it fully submerged in the glue, pull it out and squeeze the excess glue off. Then, I took the gluey piece of string and began wrapping it around the blown up balloon. There’s no right or wrong way to wrap it, but the more times your yarn intersects and crosses over itself, the stronger your egg will be when it dries. Do try to “tuck” your beginning end under one of your wraps as you go to secure it. For each egg, I used about three strands of yarn so they weren’t to bulky but felt secure at the same time. Once I finished wrapping the yarn around the balloon, I then let them dry and turned them a couple times throughout the day till they were firm and dry. After they were dry, I then cut a small hole in the balloon using either the tip of a pair of scissors or a pencil tip and once it was deflated, I pulled it out of one of the openings of the egg and there ya go! Now you have Easter eggs you can use to decorate your home for Easter or fill with candy for Easter!