Rest In Paradise, King


Ermias Joseph Asghedom or better known as Nipsey Hussle, was gunned down in the parking lot outside of his store, Marathon Clothing, on March 31st 2019. He was best known for rapping, but Nipsey was much more than that. He was a successful entrepreneur, a black leader, a staple piece in his community and the backbone of his family.

Nipsey and his older brother known as Black Sam, went back to their hometown of Crenshaw and opened up a clothing store they named Marathon Clothing in 2017. Hussle was set on the idea of buying back a lot of businesses in Southern Los Angeles in an effort to make it a better place for the people in the community. In May of 2018, he became the official brand ambassador for Puma’s clothing and shoe company. They called their collaboration “The California” and Nipsey soon began selling exclusive Puma items in his clothing store. Nipsey had dreams of becoming a real estate mogul. He had recently partnered with DJ Khaled and bought what was a luxurious 162 room beach hotel.

The difference between Nipsey and most rappers of this generation is not only his natural instinct to hustle, but his desire to give back to people in need. He didn’t get rich and abandon his roots as he constantly used his platform to reach out to the youth about respect for women and respect for themselves. He would put his beautiful wife, Lauren London, on a pedestal and always reminded young men to “include your wife and everything”. Nipsey also taught the youth the importance of investing their money in something more than materialistic possessions and also to invest in something “bigger than yourself.” The tragic irony in Nipsey’s murder is that he had scheduled a meeting between the LAPD and his record label (Roc-Nation) in an effort to do something about gang and gun violence in South L.A. He was killed the day before the meeting was scheduled to take place.  

While the death of Nipsey is tragic, what’s even more saddening is that he leaves behind such a tight knit family. His brother, Samiel Asghedom, has shown publicly that he is struggling with his brothers death. His two children will have to grow up without their father. Nipsey doesn’t often post pictures of his children, but his oldest, Emani, can often be seen in pictures alongside Nipsey at the 2019 Grammy’s. Kross, Nipsey and Lauren’s only child, was born in August of 2016. Lastly, he leaves behind a loving wife who must continue her life without her protector, provider and partner. The memorial service for Nipsey will be held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The service will be open to the public in a limited capacity. Prayers up to a young king who found his way and wanted to do right by his family and his people.