SVC Baseball Spring Trip


The Southern Vermont College Baseball team recently went on their spring break trip (check out the video here). This is the last trip the team will be taking, as the school will be closing at the end of the school year, so the trip down to Florida felt like a nice finale. Our team spent a whole week  in Fort Myers where we competed in 5 games. The team was originally supposed to play 7 games throughout the week, but the Tuesday March 19th doubleheader was cancelled due to weather. Regardless the overall trip had nice weather compared to what the players are used to up here in Bennington. From what I could hear there were not any complaints on the warm Florida weather, with some even jokingly saying they would transfer to a Florida school after the semester or just stay in Florida and not go back up to SVC.

The team flew down on Sunday, March 17th  to get settled in. The next day they played a full 9 inning game against Edgewood out of Wisconsin. The team rolled to an easy 19-6 victory and had the rest of the day to themselves.  Then on Tuesday the team had an off day because of inclement weather. Myself and my roommates caught up with some rest and stayed in the hotel room for most of the day. Wednesday was another doubleheader against St. Michael’s College, a Division II team. SVC swept them and got  to have another happy day to spend on spring break. Most of the guys took advantage of the day, going to the beach and walking around the boardwalk. Wednesday was definitely the best day out of the whole trip weather wise. Thursday was a doubleheader against Gallaudet University and unfortunately the team might have had too much fun the previous day, as Gallaudet ended up sweeping the SVC baseball team. Three out of five games is not a bad trip, but the guys understandably were upset not to go 5-0 and leave Florida on a good note.

We returned  Friday the 22nd to face a game  the next day against Wells College in New York, which was quite the turnaround  going from warm Florida weather to cold & windy New York. The team did well and took the series winning 2 out of 3 games. This concluded our spring break the team and I shared with each other.