The Benefits of Grammar

The Benefits of Grammar

Alexia Najman

In today’s society, the vast majority of people need to be educated in order to get anywhere in life. However, even if you’ve gone to Harvard, and you don’t present yourself well, you can still lose a good job opportunity. A major part of applying for a job includes a resume which usually includes quite a bit of writing. Since this is the first thing your future employers will see, you must make sure you present yourself well. A big part of this is using correct grammar.

Amongst the most popular writing errors is the improper use of “their.” This is elementary-grade grammar, and yet even college students get these words wrong. Here is a sentence that uses it correctly: “The cat over there is their prized possession; they’re having a birthday party for it and everything.”

Besides these grammatical errors, there is also the improper use of idioms such as, “Nip it in the butt.” The correct phrase is, “Nip it in the bud,” as the latter doesn’t make any sense. Another commonly misused idiom would be, “For all intensive purposes.” Again, it makes no sense. The correct way to say that is, “For all intents and purposes.”

There are some people who feel blasé about grammar, and there are some who hold it in the highest regards. Just because some people do not think grammar is important does not mean you should use it incorrectly. You never know who is going to read your writing, therefore you should always use proper grammar. You do not want to risk a, “grammar nazi” throwing out your work just because you used the wrong “your.”

Using proper grammar is especially important to college students who are always writing papers and assignments for class. A small portion of a student’s grade depends on using proper grammar. Sometimes a measly four points will make a huge difference in one’s grade. That is why it would be significant for one to use proper grammar when writing essays and the like for school.

Proper grammar is incredibly important for writers. If you are a writer and submit a story with terrible syntax to a publishing company, the chances of having your work published will be lessened. Of course, when it comes to publishing a book, there are more things that one can do to get his or her work thrown out, albeit grammar is a factor..

There is no benefit of using incorrect grammar. Anyone would be doing his or herself an injustice by utilizing proper grammar skills in any working environment. Therefore, one must always be sure to use proper grammar, as there are simply more benefits of doing so.