The Looking Glass

Andre Hodo

Andre Hodo, Staff Writer

My name is Franklin Andre Hodo but I’ve always gone by my middle name, for obvious reasons. (Even my mother tried calling me Franklin when I was young but said it didn’t fit.) I’m named after my grandfather and my father, so I’m proud of both names; I just prefer the latter. I was born and raised in Silver Spring, MD and transferred to Southern Vermont as a Communications major last year. If you’ve seen me around campus, you can probably guess I play basketball. What you might not know is that I’d like to become a screenwriter. I’ve always been fascinated with TV shows, particularly dramas. The Office, is by far my favorite. The first show I fell in love with was Prison Break. Some of my other favorites include: Sons of Anarchy, Power, and Breaking Bad. People who knew me when I was younger would be surprised to find out that I’m interested in becoming a screenwriter because I’ve always hated writing. For me, that changed when I realized not everything needed to be written as though I’m a holdover from Elizabethan England. Now my writing is more a reflection of me and my personality.

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