The Looking Glass

Jordan Simon

Jordan Simon, Staff Writer

At 20 years of age, Jordan Simon is a limited edition Junior-year creative writing major, complete with mono-tones and Kung Fu Grip. He prefers the simple pleasures of a good book and warm tea...when he’s not busy ‘sinking fleets’ and ‘turning children into key chains’, in the hallowed name of the flying spaghetti monster. Jordan enjoys the act of writing horror-fiction with the fiery intensity of one thousand George Foreman grills and he uses a mix drink of 1 part creativity and 99 parts depravity to prove to his readers that his IQ is not his age. As member of the Shires Press Publishing Program, Jordan’s fiction novel, Project: Eve, is set for publication in spring of 2019. Somewhere between now and wrestling a real, live bear -it can be a tiny one-, Jordan hopes to one day have his very own theme song -professionally composed in a cacophony of bat squeaks.

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