The Looking Glass

Mikaela Lewis

Mikaela Lewis, Managing Editor

Hi everyone! I’m Mikaela, currently a senior communication major and basically in complete shock and awe that this is my last semester as both an SVC student and the managing editor of The Looking Glass. I can’t even explain how rewarding it has been to be a part of this course (although it’s much more than that) for the past two years and to have the opportunity to lead such dedicated teams of students that make this publication what it is. Although we’re usually a fairly small staff, I truly believe that we’ve made a serious impact on the success of The Looking Glass as a whole, in a short period of time. I’m very proud of how it’s evolved after a significant rebranding back in 2015, and I’m just as eager to see the direction that future staff members take it.

As for me and my soon-to-come, full-on adult life, I plan on moving into a full-time position at the Bennington Area Chamber of Commerce where I’m currently the programs coordinator and office administrator. After I spent a few years of my life as a misplaced Vermonter down in Florida and Texas, it’s been amazing to be able to have a career that involves me so much in the community. I have two dogs, Luna and Opel, that my world revolves around. In my spare time you can catch me watching makeup tutorials, or binging the same 4 Netflix series over and over again.

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