Beauty Booth – Summer Favorites

In this Beauty Booth list, I went and checked out stuff I currently have in my bathroom. What beauty products do you have sitting on your shelves? Would you add any of these?

Wild Growth Oil – In my opinion, this is one of the best oils to grow out your hair.  I’ve noticed not only reduced shedding and stronger strands, but faster drying hair. Whenever I use this, I can blow dry my hair in 8 minutes instead of the usual 15. I also buy this a lot because it’s just $8 a bottle. While I like to switch up oils, I get this one on Amazon if I’m low on cash and oil. The only downside to this product is the strong smell, which is why I only use it a few times a week and product build up. Too much oil will clog your scalp and keep your hair from growing. Other than that, it’s very beneficial to those who suffer from brittleness or alopecia.   


Bath and Body Works Sand and Sea Salt Scrub – I like buying this when I’m feeling a little boujee. If you have sensitive skin, I would recommend this body scrub because of how gentle it is. The product contains Dead Sea salt, which boasts benefits such as minimizing the appearance of cellulite, nourishing dry skin, and relaxing muscle cramps. It also contains Polynesian sand. I’m not sure what the benefits are, but it sounds cool. Anyway, while I love how well it gets rid of dead skin, I just wish Bath and Body Works would lower the cost of $16.50.


Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla 4 in 1 Combing Creme – So I remember talking about a detangling spray in my first article and calling it my holy grail. Well, I lied. THIS is now officially my holy grail product for detangling hair. I was getting tired of the Green Tea Spray and wanted to try something new. So I stalked Amazon until I found this beauty. What initially drew me in was the scent of black vanilla, but the reviews sealed the deal. The very first time I used it could be compared to scissors gliding across wrapping paper. My fingers went right through my hair, no snagging, and I was able to detangle it within 5 minutes. I was mind blown. This product also moisturizes and smoothes away any frizzes, leaving the hair sleek. Definitely a 10 out of 10.

Anese Boobie Mask – In the first Beauty Booth article, I mentioned the Anese Collection, a line of products I wanted to try. Though I wanted to snag a bunch of goodies, I decided to give my wallet a break and only buy the Calm Your Tits mask. First, the outward appearance is so cute, but small. I was a little anxious about using up the supply so soon, but I haven’t run out yet. After the first time I used the mask, I immediately thought my skin was very soft and moisturized. An added plus was the smell and how shiny my skin looked. It’s hard to say if I would buy it again though, but we’ll see once I finish the jar.



Castor Oil – The first thing that comes to mind when I think of castor oil is “thick.” If you want to thicken up your hair, eyebrows, or eyelashes without spending a lot of money on some type of serum, you should try this. I use this for my ends, which is the oldest part of the hair. After using castor oil, it made my ends stronger which will help retain growth.  I’ve also heard, back in the day, parents made their children eat a spoonful of this to ward off sickness, but I’m not sure I would recommend that. If you do decide to buy a jar, I highly suggest getting the Tropical Isle Living brand.


Coconut Oil – As weird as this is going to sound, coconut oil is good to shave with. Compared to shaving creams, I honestly believe it is better in avoiding nicks and bumps, providing a closer shave, and it moisturizes the skin. I’ve noticed that a lot of shaving creams dry out your skin and it feels like you have to use a ton of it per square inch of leg. With coconut oil, you don’t need to put so much on since it doesn’t get foamy. The best thing about this method is how cheap it is. You can pick up a jar from the Dollar Tree. The downside is the hair growing back quicker compared to using shaving creams. I’m still researching how to fix that, so when I find an answer, I’ll let y’all know.