Alexia Najman Showcase

Series 2

About the Artist:

Alexia Najman (Creative Writing & English, Class of 2018) recognized her passion for drawing in third grade, when she was introduced to Japanese Anime styles.  Drawing and painting for her are things to get lost in, where she blissfully forgets the time. Working first in black pens and stamp patterns, she moved starkly to color and paints after starting college, where she became inspired by intensely color-centric artists Gustav Klimt and Benjamin Zhang Bin.  Faces and human forms are her favorite subjects, honoring the uniqueness of every person — “People are always changing, and you can capture the change in art.” In the spirit of constant change, Alexia claims never to like her work until it is completely finished, as she never truly knows what it will be until the end.

This series is a collection of real face studies as part of experimenting with sketch and Anime styles.