Eva’s Eats: Pantry Loot


How to Pillage Your Parents’ Pantry


Odds are that most resident students are heading home for the Thanksgiving holiday. If nothing else, this is something to give serious thanks to; doing laundry without counting quarters, not having to worry about how late the person across the hall plans to stay awake, and of course, going home means delicious home cooked meals.

Don’t get completely sidetracked by what’s going on the dinner table though; heading home also provides the opportunity to do a little grocery shopping of your own. By grocery shopping, I mean going through your parents’ cupboards and stocking up on some much needed provisions of your own. Here’s a guide on what to bring back to the dorms the Monday after Thanksgiving.

  • Leftovers: Seriously, any turkey, potatoes, cranberry sauce, or casseroles leftover from Thursday. The rule of thumb is leftovers are good for a week, but trust your nose, and if you’re lucky you can be having turkey sandwiches in your dorm room for the next week!
  • Canned goods: Any and all. Whether this means soup, tuna, beans, jellies, or fruit, it’s always a good idea to stock up on whatever canned foods your parents have stuck into the back of their cupboard and forgotten about. Canned foods don’t go bad and they are perfect for those cold winter days when your wallet is feeling lighter than you would like.
  • Microwave popcorn: Again, a snack most people forget they have, but are glad to find when they want it. It’s unlikely your family will notice its absence, and like with the canned goods. You can bring it back and not have to worry about an expiration date.
  • Crackers: If there’s a box of crackers lying around, grab them. If they’re unopened, they will stay good for a while, and crackers pair well with most fresh fruits and cheeses; they are literally the building blocks of great snacks. Next time you’re walking through the grocer’s in Bennington and you spot some fruit compote, you’ll be glad you remembered to take those Ritz!
  • Any nut butter: Again, a no brainer. Most of your basic nut butters (and I am including peanut butter here even if peanuts are not technically nuts), will stay good for a while, and are perfect with bread, fruit, crackers, or on their own!


With that said, don’t rob your family of house and home. Be conscientious of your own budget, as well as theirs, so make sure that this is all okay before making off with your dietary loot. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!