Eva’s Eats: Prepping for the Holiday


In three weeks, classes will be over and everyone will be on their way home. This means dorms have to be clean and all perishables have to be disposed of for break. As can be expected, grocery shopping around this time is not exactly the easiest thing to do; what’s the point if you’re just going to have to throw everything out in a couple of weeks? So the question is, what can you buy that isn’t going to turn into a giant waste of money or hassle come move out day?

  • First things first, buy only what you know you are going to eat. This means don’t go out and buy a bag of grapes if you know you’re not going to have them gone by December 12th.
  • If you really need that fruit, buy things that are easy to transport. Apples bruise easily, so by the time you get them home you probably won’t want them anyway.
  • Avoid dairy products: they are expensive and hard to move, and there is no leaving them behind!!! If you need that creamer for your morning coffee, make sure you have it finished, or invest in a cooler or crate to keep it from bursting and making a mess all over your car.
  • Rice Krispies may be amazing, but avoid food that comes in wrappers like this. The same thing can be said for granola bars and other individually wrapped treats.This just means more garbage for move out day, and you only have 2 hours to get out after your last final! Plan smart and don’t waste your precious little time with excess trash.


So what should you buy?

  • For food, I recommend things you know will only last for a week. Sandwich fixings are perfect for this. The best part is that bread is cheap, so even if you can’t finish it all before the break, it won’t hurt too bad when you have to toss it into compost.
  • Peanut butter is a good buy because it’s an awesome snack and it has a long shelf life, but it’s also really heavy, so purchase it knowing that you may have to load it up with the rest of your stuff.
  • Instant noodles are also a good buy. They’re cheap, non-perishable, and easy to move. The best part is that you can buy them individually, so just know how many you’re likely to eat in the coming weeks, and you’ll have no waste!


Just remember, buy smart. If you don’t think you can shop light, just stick to eating at the dining hall. It may not be as good as what you can make yourself, but it sure beats throwing out a bunch of food!