Shea’s Health Corner: Allergies on Campus


As most of us who get the occasional sneezing or cough know, allergies are a pain to deal with. From the constant sneezing, allergy medication, and the consumption of tissues, it can get old very quickly . Here at SVC, we are surrounded by allergens such as living on a mountain surrounded by woods. Things like having no screens on windows in the mansion, the age of the building air ventilation systems play a large factor as well. In the fall and spring, using window fans in our dorm rooms do not help our the sneezing and coughing either. With window fans, by drawing in air from the outside, pollen is coming through screens, and into your room, activating your allergies just like that! To help prevent your allergies from getting worse due to the environmental contributors we live in here at SVC, her are  some ways to kick seasonal allergies in the butt this season!


  1. Allergy Medications: Whether you’re prescribed allergy medication or get them over the counter, allergy medication, they will help tremendously with allergy symptoms kicking allergies butt this season. Being made up of antihistamines, allergy medications can help prevent coughing and sneezing produced by allergens in the air. So, be on top of things and take your allergy meds!
  2. Air Purifier: With not having the best air quality here at SVC, , preventing allergens from coming into the dorms is basically impossible. Getting an air purifier allows for you to remove some of these allergens in your room, and allow you to relax in comfort of your own room without those little allergens bothering you!
  3. Wash Up:   Each time you walk into your home, you bring small pieces of the outside world with you. After being outdoors, your clothes, shoes, hair, and skin are covered with tiny particles from everywhere you’ve been. Take a shower and change your clothes to wash away any allergens. Leave your shoes at the door while you’re at it.   
  4. Drink lots of Fluids:  If you feel stuffy or have post nasal drip from your allergies, sip more water, juice, or other non alcoholic drinks. The extra liquid can thin the mucus in your nasal passages and give you some relief. Warm fluids like teas, broth, or soup have an added benefit: steam.