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Gabby Rushia

Gabby Rushia, Staff Writer

My name is Gabby Rushia and I’m a sophomore from upstate New York, majoring in Radiologic Sciences with a minor in Psychology. I play volleyball here at SVC, and last year we won the NECC championship and got really fancy rings. After graduation, my plan is to work in a children's hospital performing x-rays. If this doesn’t go as planned, then I can gear towards doing ultrasounds in other parts of the hospital... I’m still a little undecided. It’s also a passion of mine to travel to various countries to work or volunteer. Outside of school, I draw (a lot!), watch a lot of movies, and hangout with my friends (the usual). A fun fact about me is that I’m a nerd and a HUGE Disney fan, so I am really good at the game Heads Up Disney style.

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