The Looking Glass

Ryan Serrato

Ryan Serrato, Staff Writer

My name is Ryan John Serrato. I’m from Whittier, California (which, in other words, is the southeastern part of LA). I’m a transfer from Georgetown College in Kentucky, although for the past few years I’ve been out of school. I’m a typical athlete just wanting to finish up school. My major is communication, but I might possibly get into law enforcement after I graduate. The reason I decided to major in communications was the fact that when I enrolled into college in 2011, they didn’t have a criminal justice department at the time. Criminal justice isn’t set in stone yet because on the opposite side of the spectrum, my other career choice would be working with medical marijuana. Eventually, I have to pick one side of the coin because clearly I can’t pick both since both law enforcement and the business of medical marijuana do not go together easily. Sports is something that I love and I can slap you in the face with everything I know. Baseball has always been my first love, especially since I have been playing since I was 3. I’ve been recruited all over the world for baseball starting all over the U.S., in Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

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